Bentley Arnage Red Label

This Bentley is Azurit Blue Metallic with creme leather interior and blue leather accents, with in the back burl reading tables in the seats. A 6.75 liter engine with 405 HP and a weight of 2500 kilograms. This Bentley is 5,4 meters long and close to 2 meters wide. Guaranteeing a comfortable but fast traveling car.

The Bentley Arnage is based on the high class Rolls Royce Silver Seraph limousine. The car is named after a tricky corner combination on the circuit of Le Mans where Bentley was a great hit and became available in the year 1998.

The Bentley state limousine is the official state car of the British Queen Elisabeth II. The car is based on the Bentley Arnage but is longer and taller, and equipped with a 6,75 liter V8 engine with double turbo. Only two of these where made by the British car producer Bentley in honor of the golden government anniversary of Elizabeth II in 2002. It is the first state car of Bentley, the second one is being capped as a reserve. The worth of this car is around the 11 million euros.

If the rent of the car and chauffeur exceeds the 6 hours, or the Bentley and chauffeur have to accompany you for an entire weekend, we are happy to make you a special price. The costs for the sleeping accommodation for the chauffeur will be included.

Fresh beverages and well known magazines are at your disposal in all of our cars.

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