History Bentley

Bentley was found in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, also known as WO. WO Bentley's mission was, as it is today, To build a good, fast car, the best in his class. The first Bentley car, EXP 1, was completed in London in 1919. Rolls Royce bought the company for £125.275 in 1931. From that moment on the production was moved to Derby till 1940, where the famous Derby Bentley's were made.

n 1998 Bentley was taken over by VW, from that moment on the company invested £1 billion. Worldwide Bentley has 4000 employees. Bentley was named one of Britain's Top Employers two years in a row. Bentley is active in 58 different countries with 192 distributors.

Bentley Numbers

In 2013 Bentley delivered 10.120 cars, that's 19% more than the year before. America is the biggest market for Bentley, with a total of 3.140 cars delivered in 2013. China is second, with a total of 2.191 cars. The United Kingdom comes in third with 1.381 cars sold. Export is good for 86% of the total income in 2013.

Bentley has a market value of 25% making it the most important luxury car supplier in the world. In other words: one out of four cars sold with a value of €150.000 and above, is a Bentley. 2014 is probably going to be another record year for Bentley Motors. In the first half of that year the number of sales rose with an astonishing 23% to 5.254 cars. In all regions Bentley noted a strong growth, especially in China (+61%) and the Middle East (+27%).

An important factor behind this success was the introduction of new models like the Continental GT V8 S coupé & Convertible and the Flying Spur & Flying Spur V8. In the United Kingdom there where 713 cars sold only the first half of 2014.

Leather Interior

15 to 20 hides find their way in every Arnage. All hides origin from Scandinavian cows and are colored in Austria. Every square inch is fine-grained, flexible grade-A leather. The more moderate climates make it so that the leather contains less parasites and is naturally stain free.

Aside from the 24 basic colors, customers have the option to choose between an almost unlimited number of leather colors. It takes 399 hours to build a Bentley Arnage, 200 of those hours are needed for the interior only.

Arnage Mulliner

When a customer wants to order a special edition, they can go to the Mulliner department. buyer can assemble a custom made Bentley where interior, bodywork and motor can be adjusted to his own liking and desire. Anything from technology to leather seating can be customized

Entirely armored vehicles are also available. Bentley's Crewe Genuine Parts has more than 60.000 parts in storage, to deliver parts for all cars build from 1955 till now.