Corvette from 1961

With the Corvette C1 your ultimate boys dream comes true.
Also available for muzic video's , photo and video shoots.

The first generation Corvette C1 was introduced in 1953.
Originaly designed as a show model for the 1953 Motorama display at the New York Car Show.
The car generated enough interest to move GM to create a production version for the general public.
The first production was in june 30 1953.

The 1954 model cars come in in Pennant Blue, Sportman Red, Black or White.
Only 3640 where made, and sales where very slow.

The 1955 model offered a (4,34 L) V8 optional egine.
With a big stock 1954 models, GM limited the production to 700 units before 1955.
With the V8, from 0 to 100 km in 8,5 seconds, was very fast at the time.

The 1956 model got a new body with inlets on the sides and frontal screens, wich you could order in multiple colors,but only creating contrast with with inlets who where white of silver.

In the year 1958 kreeg the car got another upgrade, the exhaust was incorporated in the rear bumper and the grill of the car got more cheeky than previous models and got the nickname sharktooth. The car also got different gauges, who where mounted in the dash right infront of the driver.
In 1961 the back of the car got a completely new design nicknamed "the ducktale" and equipped with 4 back lights.
Of this model only 11000 where produced in 1961 en they where sold for around 4000 dollars..
In total 69015 units where made between 1953 and 1962.
If only we bought them them al and saved them for the future.

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